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December: Let’s be realistic

You’ve nearly made it! We’re nearly at the end of the first term! Doesn’t it feel like 5 minutes since our first day back?

This term always absolutely flies by, and before we know the chaos of December is upon us. Which is why we wanted to take some time this week for us to think about this really busy time of year, and the impact it can have on our studies.

December is, traditionally, hectic. There’s so much going on in school – assessments, reports, productions, fetes, fairs, parties, celebrations, revision for mock exams. Sometimes it feels as though there’s not any time in the day to breathe, let alone anything else. Then we add to this how busy it can be outside of school as well – family, travel, social occasions. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas you may well find yourself busier at this time of year than usual.

What does this mean for our courses then?

It means that we have to be realistic.

Every year we have students tell me that they’re going to really knuckle down during December before the holidays, or that as their family will be off and can look after the kids they’ll have more free time over the holidays to work on their assignments. My advice is always the same – be realistic.

If you know school is going to be busy and you’re going to be exhausted, or that you have family visiting over the holidays and you’ll want to spend time with them, then this is absolutely fine. You can take a break from your studies PROVIDED you plan to make this up elsewhere. It’s much better to plan to take a break and how you’re going to fit in that work, and not plan to take a break, not do the work and then panic.

We want you think about this this week, and be really honest with yourself. How realistic is it that you’re going to work at your usual pace in December? If it’s not, take some time to plan how you’re going to make up for this in January instead.

Remember, it’s perfectly fine to have a break (we will be!). It’s fine to take some time to relax and spend with your family, but plan ahead.