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Sharing Resources

Resources are an absolutely vital part of any classroom. They make learning engaging, fun and accessible for all learners, if planned and prepared properly.

What this means however, is that we can spend a lot of our time planning and preparing...

January 2019 Training


I always kick off January by delivering INSET. Whilst many people would think that the week directly following the break is quite a tough one, and it’s true that people may be a little sleepy, it’s the perfect time to consolidate what we’ve...


Sailing through your observation

As a Personal Support Tutor I love doing Direct Observations. I love getting into schools and seeing the wonderful practice of my students first hand, watching how they work and the relationships they have developed, and how they make a real...


December: Let’s be realistic

You’ve nearly made it! We’re nearly at the end of the first term! Doesn’t it feel like 5 minutes since our first day back?


Embedding Growth Mindset Throughout the School Team

 What do Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, J K Rowling and Nelson Mandela have in common?


5 mistakes to avoid when working with learners with Special Educational Needs

With approximately 1.1 million children with special educational needs being educated in mainstream schools (that’s approximately 10%) it’s important that TAs understand how to support SEN in the classroom, as it’s highly likely you will need to...


5 Ways to Make your Qualification a Breeze

At any stage of life, undertaking a qualification is a really rewarding and fulfilling experience. You’re taking control of your goals and ambitions and putting in place practical steps to work towards them. However, it can also be a little...