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Summer Study Tips

The summer term is always busy, and you have all earned a break. The summer holidays themselves can be just as busy though – children may be at home, increased social or family time, holidays and of course the beautiful weather. It can often be difficult to focus on your studies.

Here are a few tips for keeping up with your coursework during the summer:

  • Plan ahead – if you know you will be away from your studies for an extended period, schedule extra time before you leave to get your work completed. By getting all work done ahead of time, you’ll be better able to enjoy your trip stress-free.
  • Be honest and realistic with yourself about studying. Don’t plan to study at 9pm if this is the time you relax after the children have gone to bed. However, when you schedule a study time, stick to it. Consistency is related to success.
  • Take study breaks – if the beautiful weather is calling your name, take time to enjoy the outdoors! Chances are you will be better able to focus on your studies after a walk in the sunshine. Fresh air is always good for the mind and soul.
  • Learn to prioritise - You cannot do everything, but you can always do something. Think about what is the most important task you need to get done in the time available.
  • Read around the subject matter during the summer break; this can fit in quite nicely whilst you are with children. If they to see you reading, they are more likely to pick up a book and join in.