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When’s a good time to study?

One of the biggest challenges of distance learning is finding time to study, and fitting in the course around your lifestyle. Sometimes it feels as though you turn around and a month has gone by!


Summer Study Tips

The summer term is always busy, and you have all earned a break. The summer holidays themselves can be just as busy though – children may be at home, increased social or family time, holidays and of course the beautiful weather. It can often be...


King's PD Weekend

I recently had the pleasure of attending and delivering some training sessions at the King’s Group Professional Development Weekend in Madrid. I’ve been a speaker at this conference since 2015, and it’s always one of the highlights of my year.


Sharing Resources

Resources are an absolutely vital part of any classroom. They make learning engaging, fun and accessible for all learners, if planned and prepared properly.

What this means however, is that we can spend a lot of our time planning and preparing...

January 2019 Training


I always kick off January by delivering INSET. Whilst many people would think that the week directly following the break is quite a tough one, and it’s true that people may be a little sleepy, it’s the perfect time to consolidate what we’ve...


Sailing through your observation

As a Personal Support Tutor I love doing Direct Observations. I love getting into schools and seeing the wonderful practice of my students first hand, watching how they work and the relationships they have developed, and how they make a real...


December: Let’s be realistic

You’ve nearly made it! We’re nearly at the end of the first term! Doesn’t it feel like 5 minutes since our first day back?