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Why being a TA is the best job in the world!

You get to really make a difference

Every day working as a TA you get to make a difference in a child’s life. Whether it’s listening to them read that day, helping them make a break through in their learning, or taking a genuine interest in their opinions and ideas, the impact you have a TA will be beyond what you can imagine. You’ll work with children who will remember you for the rest of their lives, and who will attribute their successes to the support you gave them.

Every day is different 

The role of the TA is so diverse! One day you could be making shelters in the forest, and the next doing a treasure hunt, and then designing websites! Different teachers, different classrooms and different children mean that you’ll never be bored.

Learning new skills 

This also means that you will learn new skills, not just support children to learn them. By being in a classroom you’re constantly developing new knowledge and understanding, and you’ll quickly release that you’re on your own learning journey as well. Not only this is great for you, but it means you have a good understanding of what the children in your life are doing in school.

Using your creativity 

Whether it’s creating displays, developing new resources, or making costumes or props for school productions there’s always a way you can use your imagination as a TA. These are also often collaborative processes, working with colleagues or with the children, to develop ideas together.

Working with diversity 

As a TA, you’ll work with an incredibly diverse set of individuals, from the children you support, their families and your colleagues. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, and this can be a truly mind opening experience.

Fits in with your lifestyle 

One of the most common reasons we hear for why being a TA is so brilliant, is that it fits in with your lifestyle, especially if you have children at home. You can take them to school in the morning, spend evenings with them, and always have school holidays without having to worry about childcare. Furthermore, if you have children in school it can really aid your understanding of the school system and how you can support them at home.

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